Mulch will help your garden improve

I find that many people are frequently confused by the terms Compost and amendments. Mulch is basically any product applied over the area of the dirt, to either cool down or to warm the dirt and at the same time preserve water. It may be more correct to call Compost, area Compost. Mulch is commonly […]

What Kind of Roofing Material Is Best for Your Home?

A roof is the workhorse of a house, but it fails to often get the respect it warrants. It’s usually an afterthought to the beauty of an illuminated kitchen or a luxurious bedroom, quietly shielding these spaces from the outside world. In fact, it’s only when a roof fails to provide sufficient shelter—like, say, when […]

The Best Affordable Ways to Fence in a Back Yard

A fence that keeps out snoopy neighbors and possible burglars can also boost your home’s curb appeal—without breaking the bank. While some components, such as aluminum ($35 to $55 per linear foot) and vinyl ($20 to $40 per linear foot) are decidedly pricey, you can install a front or backyard fence far more frugally. 15 […]

FHA Loans Could expense Less for Homebuyers

A new bill passed by the House Financial Services Committee recently could help more low-income families achieve their dream of homeownership. The bipartisan legislation called the FHA Loans Housing Financial Literacy Act requires the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide a 25-foundation-point discount in upfront Federal Housing Administration (FHA) single-family mortgage […]

This is the number 1 interior design style in California

Forget Chip and Joanna Gaines’ beloved farmhouse interior design style, whether it’s rural or modern. And minimalism is so out—unless you’re Kayne West and Kim Kardashian West. And let’s try to erase word art forever from our memories. This year, it’s all about the commercial look. The commercial aesthetic, known for its exposed brick and […]

Tips to revisit your divorce proceedings

Your divorce settlement was generous and, after 25 years of relationship, I have no question that she worked difficult helping to raise your kids. You would, of course, understand more about that than I. Kudos for doing the right thing when so many divorcing partners can’t see beyond their own resentments. Your divorce settlement also […]

LA County notices influx of pets at shelters

A dog will be considered man’s best friend with proper dog training, but one animal shelter in the metro is seeing the opposite of how someone should treat a best friend. “We’ve just got a large amount of animals coming in, strays and surrenders,” said Patty Nugin, Los Angeles County Animal Shelter. The shelter says […]

Machine training about glaucoma

Untreated glaucoma is a serious cause of sight loss. There are several types and they are all basically triggered by damage to the optic nerve due to increasing pressure level within the eye. A collaboration between scientists in Algeria and Belgium has led to a new “intelligent system” for glaucoma discovery that promises to help […]