How to use Essential Oils to Stay Healthy this Spring


During the spring and flu season, most people start sneezing around everyone else, working with groggy heads and stuffed noses. We can’t bypass touching equipment, paper, hands, and utensils which other people-individuals with flu or colds-have touched but we may do something to assist keep ourselves calm, healthy & sanitary.

Some people will take essential oils into the shower with them every day. They have loved two essential oils, for this reason as a result of their scent, that to them is amazing, and their comparative affordability, and more importantly since they are generally considered to have remarkable anti-viral and anti-bacterial actions:

Lavandin super

Below is How You Can Use Them:

When Diluted

First a caution, Palmarosa can have a bit of sting to it when applied directly to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. So before you get into the shower, you should get a shot glass and put about a half-inch of some moisturizing oil in it, almond, or jojoba, or even olive oil.

Then you can set about 10 or 20 drops of Palma Rosa into the oil, mix it up well, and head to the shower.

Standing in the shower before you turn on the water, and being careful not to get oily, slippery feet, you can apply the mixture to your chest, shoulders, arms, and thighs. You should pay careful attention to not get the oil on your face, in your eyes and ears, or near your genitals, because it can sting!

Then you can turn on the warm water and continue to rub the oil onto your skin while inhaling the fumes. Then you usually wash with soap and water. This daily exercise during the cold and flu season seems to help you stay one step ahead of the whatever it is that makes people feel unwell.

When Undiluted

With Lavandin super, you should take it a little further still. You can sometimes take 20 drops of oil, undiluted, with you into the shower and apply it directly to your skin. The oil is so gentle that you can use it just about anywhere, although not on the face or eyes.

Even though the oil is mild for most people, It is strongly recommended a skin test, because not all skin is created equal. Many people mainly like to use Lavandin under their arms, as they would with any soap, and then wash with water. You may not typically use any soap in addition to the oil.

The effect of the oil on your skin is to reduce the odor from bacteria, increase a sense of calm and wellbeing, and when you smell it throughout-out the day, it will give you a reminder to stay alert to what you are touching and using.

It is important to note that Essential Oils seldom bring about allergic reactions not unless applied when undiluted straight to the mucous membranes or skin. Therefore, it’s ordinarily crucial to talk to a specialist concerning the oils to utilize.

So, for professional assistance and advice, Pure Path is ready to help you do this the right way.